Learn the basics of how to play pickleball with Scott Moore

Going beyond X’s and O’s and wins and losses, HBO Sports’ “State of Play” brings much needed reflection and a wider lens to the sports universe – each episode tackling a topic in a cinema-verite-style.The dink is a key part of the slow game in pickleball. When many beginner players start to play pickleball, they first learn to hit longer shots to get used to the paddle and learn the basic strokes. But many stay back at the baseline and rely on the power game.Are there four tournaments that comprise the "Grand Slam" of Pickleball? Chris does a TOC post-game with triple Triple Crown Winner Scott Moore (not a typo – Scott won Singles/Doubles/Mixed gold 3 years in a row) along with Melissa McCurley, and gets playing advice that separates the 4.0s from the 5.0s. Also, would you like Thirty [.]But what exactly is pickleball? How do you play it? How does it differ from the other racquet sports? Let’s start with the basics. In pickleball, players use a solid-surface paddle, rather than a racquet with strings, to hit a ball across a net. A pickleball net is slightly lower than a tennis net.The Pickleball Rocks Training and Fun Academy provides high quality certified teaching and coaching plus playing events such as clinics, camps and tournaments and fun social pickleball events. The Academy is a collaboration between the world renown Pickleball Rocks Team and Parkview Sports Medicine of Fort Wayne, Indiana.Now that you know how to play pickleball and learned a little about pickle-lygomy, it’s time to learn the rules of pickleball doubles so that you and your partner can hit the courts. If you’re new to this concept, have no fear. The differences between doubles and singles pickleball matches are easy to remember once you get the hang of them.Hear from 5.0 player Scott Moore as he talks about a helpful strategy he uses to slow the ball down and reset the point. In this episode of Pickleball 411, Scott lays out why this technique is helpful, how to do it, and even gives a drill to practice this skill with your partner.Learning to Play – Basics The best way to learn pickleball is to take lessons from a USAPA registered pickleball teacher or certified pickleball instructor. check with your local pickleball club, school or community recreation department for scheduled clinics.

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